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Nikita Kadan, weapons of earth

The ‘experts’ say that Vladimir is “holding back his strength” in Ukraine. In a way, he is killing, but he could kill a lot more. Should we thank him for that? Thank you Volodya? Isn’t killing even one person already too much? Of course, we say « it’s war », and war kills. It’s silly to say. And the Americans have warned us: Russia will invade Ukraine. But is this Biden’s age? Did we think he was babbling? They were right. Why didn’t we listen to them? On Friday, February 11, U.S. officials announced that an attack on Ukraine was imminent, as Russia had amassed more than 100,000 troops at the border. On February 15, Russia pretended to withdraw some of it; Europe took the bait, not Washington. Europe was relieved, like a turkey escaping New Year’s eve. And then they rolled in. Many of them had no idea why they were there.

If Europe had listened to Washington, would we have proceeded better and faster?

They said, “We’re going to deliver planes to you”, Polish MIG-29s. There was talk of American F-16s, but it takes months to get trained. Ukrainian pilots know how to fly MIG-29s. And then nothing. And Volodymyr Zelinsky got annoyed, after a week: Where are the planes? And then the echo, in the plains of Europe, answered: You can always wait, you will not see a wing of it. And then KFC closed down in Moscow. Europe went chicken. But, we can deliver anti-tank Javelin missiles and anti-aircraft Stingers (170,000 from the USA), 30,000 pistols and 7,000 rifles from the Czech Republic, 3,000 rifles from Belgium, 2,500 from Finland, 3,000 heavy machine guns from the Czech Republic, 1000 anti-tank rocket launchers, 500 Stinger missiles and nine howitzers from Berlin, and all this without being qualified as cobelligerent; but so, no planes?

If Vladimir holds back, we are back to weapons of earth against weapons of iron. It is true that the works produced by Kadan are made of wrought iron, but in the balance of power, iron breaks down like earth under the aluminum of Russian bombs.


Nikita Kadan, 2018, “Forged iron”, Reconstruction of weapons, made by Gorlovka metal workers from their instruments to oppose cossacks and police during Gorlovka uprising. The armed uprising was the part of 1905 revolution and the turning point for the worker’s movement at Donbass.

If Europe had listened to Washington, would we have proceeded better and faster?

“One of the bloodiest conflicts of the revolution took’ place at Gorlovka. Revolutionery combat units from Debaltaevo, Enakievo, Ianisovotaia, Avdecvka, and. Grishino, increased greatly by a combat group from Lugansk, mené par Klementi Voroshilov, the future World War II hero and red marshal, swelled the number of the rebels to 4,000 of which about a 100 had rifles, 500 had revolvers and shotguns, and the rest were armed with homemade pikes, leadpipes, daggers, and tools. When this horde charged the railroad station and the barracks the garrison fled. The soldiers returned the next day December 18, with reenforcements consisting of Cossacks and dragoons and routed the rebels, killing about 200. Similar seizures of railrood stations took place all along the line vith simnilar results. It to noteworthy, however, that this area was one of the few regions
in which peasants cooperated with the workers thus swelling the numbers of the rebels to several thousand.  […] However, they were too poorly armed to win. In the central Ukraine the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in Aleksandrovska (today Zaporozhe) seized the railroad station and hospital. After heavy firing and plenty of bomb throwing, the station was retaken on December 14 with the death of 300 workers making it one of the bloodiest classes of the revolution.”(Anthony M. Ivancevich, “The Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution of 1905”, Thesis, University of Chicago, 1967).

As we can see, the Gorlovka rebels did not have only pikes to fight, but they were no match for the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks fom Russia. History repeats itself, but, Marx was wrong, not such as a farce.


Léon Mychkine



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